Saturday, December 25, 2010

Winter Sowing

For several years I have thought I would like to try Winter Sowing. After several attempts at sowing seeds indoors without much luck, I decided to try outdoors sowing. It's a really easy no fuss way if you have patience and trust. Patience that you can wait for the seeds to sprout when the conditions are right. Trust that they WILL germinate and grow, even if the temps in January are hovering around freezing or lower. If you are interested, go to for a delightful website which explains it all. www. Dave's also has a winter sowing forum. With what I learned on these two sites, I set up my clear plastic covered box with about 15 different zip loc bags with different seeds in each including larkspur, kale, mesclun, lettuce, chard, spinach, poppies and zinnias (I could have waited on those but decided to give it a try). All but the zinnias are hardy annuals. Will see what happens and will keep you posted.

Here's a photo of what I hope to see, maybe in April as a result of my experiment. It's dinosaur kale!


Bobbie Lynn said...

Good luck in your Winter/Spring garden. At the moment in So. California we are having Summer type weather. It is hard to plan for a nice spring garden in my yard. It seems Summer weather comes quickly here and the spring plants does not live too long.

Dee said...

Sounds very cool- I'll have to check that out at Dave's Garden. I am going nuts trying to wait out the cold nights until Spring gets here!

flowergardengirl said...

I'll be watching. Zip lock bags sounds pretty interesting. Hope it works.