Friday, May 3, 2013

Garden Coaching: What is It?

Simply put, garden coaching is like any other coaching. A person with experience guides another person. It could also be called garden mentoring. Recently there has been an increase in home gardening, especially vegetable gardening. When a person is just learning or is moving to a new place, they might want someone to help figure out next steps. Whether you want a flower garden or a vegetable garden, it should be a fun process for all involved.

As a Garden Coach, I do not do the actual installations but I teach you how to develop your own garden. Here are a few types of situations that might be aided by a garden coach:

-planning a garden for a new home (or renovating an existing one)

-planting a perennial bed, a cutting garden, a cottage garden, children's garden , etc.

-improving your property if you want to put your property on the market

-analyzing what will grow best on your property, sketching a plan

-tips on what tools, soils and plants you can use and where to get them

-go to the nursery to choose plants if you wish

-starting a vegetable or herb garden

-developing a maintenance plan including teaching you how to prune, water, weed, etc.

-incorporating your goals for conservation and environmental responsibility into your garden

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Lori at Jarvis House said...

I love to see photos of gardens that people have lovingly tended for years. You simply cannot get that look with out time passing and a lot of weeding. Send me you e-mail address and I will blind copy to you when I make new posts on my blog. Lori on Long Island