Monday, May 11, 2009

Zephrin heirloom French rose


pete59 said...

How do you prune this rose? I have one that is overgrown...15-20feet high and spreading wildly. I love it and want to keep it where it is, but it needs to be tamed. Do you recommend pruning it at ground level, trimming the branches, or both?

Garden Volunteers said...

Clilmbers are quite different from other roses. I would first prune any diseased or dead canes. Then cut back the canes that are way too long. i wouldn't cut it to the ground. The blooms are going to go on the stems that go vertically up from the canes so you need the canes to stay strong. You probably already know all this. I donot have much experience with this rose but do with new Dawn which I have to cut back a lot it gets so overgrown. good luck.